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Youth Team Application

If you've been asking yourself lately "how can I connect with like-minded, get-your-hands-dirty, passion-over-profit, rad-doers this summer?" we definitely think you should APPLY.

We are offering Youth Team opportunities during our Sprouting Change 2018 summer camps.  This will be an a chance for young people in the community to further develop their leadership and creativity tool belts, and be role models for our participants!

Junior Counsellor:

  • Support Let's Sprout Facilitators
  • Receive facilitation training from Let's Sprout
  • Provide youth perspectives to workshops design and delivery
  • Support youth during camps and making sure they are engaged!

Junior Photographer:

  • Capture moments and stories throughout the camp
  • Broadcast camp takeaways on Let's Sprout social media platforms
  • Work with local photographers to sharpen skill set
  • Support Let's Sprout Facilitators

Date and Location:

Age Requirement: Youth ages 14-18

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