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Sprouting Change Creative Leadership Camp

Sprouting Change is a unique program that balances personal growth and community development through creative and educational activities. The camp is distinct in its collaborative and intentional nature. In order to expose participants to local sustainability opportunities, a diverse group of local initiatives are involved as guest facilitators. Everyday, participants are given free creative time to process topics and discussions. The week ends with the creation of a zine fully designed by the group and is shared with their families and greater community.

In partnership with the Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation

Date: August 7- 11 (8:30am-4:30pm)

Audience: Youth (ages 9-12)

Lunch: Included

Location: Morton Centre

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We want to give every child the option to attend camp. If the options listed below are not feasible, please contact connect@letssprout.org
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Payment can be made on the first morning of camp (August 7th, 2018)
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We encourage you to consider carpooling to and from the Morton Centre, as a way of helping more kids get to camp, and reducing the impact of fossil fuels on the environment. If you indicate an interest in carpooling, we will contact you to discuss details further.