Our Story 

Let's Sprout is sparking a global movement in which we are all connected to our values and have an increased capacity to challenge social and environmental injustices. We host spaces and engagements focussed on having intentional conversations, encouraging critical reflection and catalyzing meaningful actions.

All of our activities are rooted in our principles:

  • meaningful partnerships
  • environmental education
  • gender equality and self awareness
  • authentic leadership and youth development

Let’s Sprout was born from an idea that Co-Founder and Executive Director, Siobhan Takala, had imagined and dreamed about. In 2016 she connected with a group of young women who shared her passion and vision through the RBC Sustainability Leadership Certificate. We believe in the importance of creating safe spaces for girls to explore their environmental interests. Girls have immense power to foster positive social and environmental change, and Let's Sprout wants to play a role in helping girls realize their own capacity as change-makers and leaders.

Team Members


Siobhan Takala 

Co-Founder, Executive Director // Halifax


Madi Coles

Community Outreach Coordinator // Toronto

Kelsey Brasil

Co-Founder, Creative Director // Toronto


Alex Soontiens-Olsen

Community Outreach Coordinator // Halifax

Sarah Aspinall

Co-Founder, Programming Director // Halifax


Allie Lum

Assistant Program Director // Halifax